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Welcome to Gabler’s Ol’ Tyme Sportsman Blog!

Welcome to Gabler’s Ol’ Tyme Sportsman Blog! First off, allow me to tell a bit about myself. I am a sports writer. Why am I a sports writer? Because I write about sports. That’s why. Next.

Let’s go ahead and get my biases out of the way. I am a San Francisco 49er fan as well as a Los Angeles Angels fan. These will be the topics I mostly talk about, if no other reason than these are the teams I like to talk most about. Nonetheless, I will try to cover and write about most aspects of Baseball and Football as those are my two favorite sports. I will try to talk about the NBA, but such will be difficult as I do not really follow basketball. I’m sorry.

I look forward to sharing my opinions about all aspects of sports. I regularly read/follow ESPN (both the channel and the magazine) as well as Sports Illustrated, therefore my response posts will be regularly made in regards to those writings as well as what I see on the television.

I live in (relatively) close vicinity to Angel Stadium, so I do regularly visit for games and I also plan to make trips to NFL games later in the year. These will give me plenty to write about as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and, please, indulge with my writing. I will attempt to update regularly, but I make no promises as I am a college student afterall.